TransAction Pre-Conference Workshops

We are very happy to invite you to participate in our TransAction Pre-Conference Workshops. We will have fun learning from each other and we promise you that you will not regret participating, on the contrary, you will love it!

You can sign up for one of five organized workshops, which will be facilitated by experts who, through playful and participative methodologies, will give you a practical learning experience, which will enhance your knowledge of Transformation and obtain the tools and skills necessary to become an agent of transformation.

The workshops will be held on Tuesday 15th October from 9 am to 5pm at the Antumapu Campus of the University of Chile (Avenida Santa Rosa 11315, La Pintana, Santiago).

Registration costs 50 USD/30,000 CLP and includes: materials, food and transportation.

Each workshop has a limited number of places so we recommend you register as soon as possible. If a workshop does not have the minimum number of registered participants, it will be canceled and you will be given the option of registering in another workshop depending on whether there are still available places, or you will be given a refund of the registration cost. To register in the workshops, please follow these instructions:

a) If you are not yet registered in the Transformations 2019 Conference, when you fill out the online registration form, you will have the option to register for the Pre-Conference TransAction workshops and/or the Post-Conference SDG Transformations Gathering by adding these items in the "additional products" table of the registration form.

b) If you have already registered for the Conference, you only need to go to the online registration form and click on the "modify" button at the top right, and using your registration number and personal ID (passport number, RUT or the other ID you used when you registered), add the activities of your preference from the "additional products" table and pay the additional amount.

c) If you only want to register for the pre-conference TransAction workshops or the post-conference SDG Transformations Forum Gathering without registering in the Conference, register with this online form.

Buses will depart from the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism at the Andrés Bello Campus of the University of Chile (Marcoleta 250, Santiago) at 8am to take you to the workshops.

Below you can find information about each workshop and who will be facilitating it:

Sustainable Food System Transformation: Participatory evaluation and leverage points
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Sustainable Food System Transformation

Transformation Laboratories as Spaces for Co-Designing Socio-Ecological Transformation: Learning from different contexts and approaches
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texto nuevo

Imagining the Transformative Future of Citizen Observatories (CO) to Leverage the Power of Open Data, Technology and Citizen Science
see more...

Imagining the Transformative Future

Transformative Narratives: Memes, stories and their role in transformations
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Transformative Narratives 1

Transformations for Future Institutions – Experimental process to shake-up the context
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Transformations for Future Institutions 1

Saturday, Oct. 19, 09:00 - 16:00 - SDG Transformations Forum Gathering
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The Forum is a growing network of transformations enablers and initiatives, working together to advance knowledge about, and development of, purposeful transformation in the direction of the SDGs. It formed at the Transformations2019 conference. For more information go to:

This is an open invitation to join us on Saturday, Oct. 19 for a gathering that will include an introduction to the Forum and its theory of transformational change and action and action planning where those present will define priorities and directions aligning with their interests and work.

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith

Pamela Smith
TransAction Workshop Organizer
Department of Geography
University of Chile and (CR)2

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