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Transformations 2019 aims to provide a platform for reciprocal learning between less and more developed contexts, and between researchers and practitioners, in order to enhance both practice and theory to support transformative changes for addressing climate change and other contemporary societal and environmental challenges.




Welcome to the Transformations 2019 Conference
Learning from Transformative Action and Thinking

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” Albert Einstein

The planet is experiencing rapid changes and humans are part of this story, we have built the past and present of the planet, we are responsible, and this responsibility cannot be a driver for inaction, rather a hope for writing the planet’s future. What we have done so far is neither sufficient nor timely, we need to be more ambitious and the Transformation approach gives us the opportunity to address this ambition based on new ways of thinking, to image the imaginable and for this we need the participation of all in this journey.

The Transformations 2019 Conference is the fourth in a biennial series and we are very proud to have taken on the challenge of organizing it for the first time in a “Southern Country”. This gives us all the opportunity to learn from different contexts and from different social actors, as the Conference places strong emphasis on going beyond science, to include government organizations, the private sector and civil society to participate actively and engage and interact in innovative formats. Special sessions such as “non-academic sessions”, which are open to the general public, will be led by organizations outside
academia who will share their experiences, realities and challenges with scientists who will have the opportunity to directly contribute by using their knowledge to serve society. Transformations 2019 has opened its doors to art, music and how children see the future, serving as inspiration for Transformation. All of this and much more will happen during the Conference.

The Transformations 2019 Conference welcomes new ways of thinking, new ways of relating to each other and in a different context. Transformation is a part of and belongs to each one of us.




  Paulina Aldunce Ide



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