Conference Closing Event

The 14th Media Arts Biennial (BAM) in Santiago

The 14th Media Arts Biennial (BAM) in Santiago summons artists from different parts of the world to exhibit works related to the idea of the “fourth world”, a concept that represents a new balance between culture and nature.

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The closing of the Transformations 2019 Conference will be held at the National Museum of Fine Arts, one of five museums that will participate in the BAM and that will have works inspired by the so-called “third landscape” of Gilles Clément, an influential French concept that proposes planetary balance as the intuition of the planet through the world of plants. Thus, the aesthetic experience seeks an expanded ecology through art; an invitation to contemplate, interact and reflect on possible futures and on the urgent transformation of instability and balance between culture and landscape.

Through 11 works by artists from Sweden, Chile, France, the USA and the UK, attendees are expected to generate a symbolic and conceptual dialogue regarding the continuities and ruptures of transformation and adaptation in the creation of ecosystems. Sculptures, installations and videos with technological and audiovisual media that make our senses interact with affective, unconscious and historical relationships between humans and nature. In the closing ceremony of the Transformations Conference, we will experience the works of Claudia González Godoy more deeply.

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Closing Session – A Local Perspective
Transform-Art: Art as an Action of Transformation

The session includes 3 dialogues that integrate academic, artistic and spiritual languages to explain the necessary relationship between art and transformation. For this, the exhibitors and facilitators of the session will speak from their different areas of experience, allowing reflections and inflections around the actions of art that transform relationships with others, with history and with nature.

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