Art and Literature, an Inspiration for Transformations

Transformations occur in relationships. These can be social, between humans and nature, between culture and technology, between development models and subjective dynamics, between formal and factual powers. What is transformed is the form of the relationship, the delicate adjustment between the systems. To promote transformations, it is necessary to understand the relationships that underpin the current state of things. Understanding means knowing its pillars, its assumptions, its mechanisms, its functioning, its causes and its effects, but it is also necessary to perceive its fissures, unveil its leaks, create its possibilities, empathize with its impossibilities, long for its states, suspect its permanence, desire its changes, feel its transcendence.

Knowing about transformation implies knowing relationships from different frameworks of understanding. And since relationships are not linear and univocal, but full of tensions and inexplicable, it is worth integrating the different ways of understanding reality that science and the arts have historically had. When the theories explain, the works apply; when concepts define, the arts inspire; when models predict, the arts trigger. Because art is one of the languages in which transformation is expressed and the complementary knowledge that allows us to know what it really is.

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