Children and Their Vision of the Future, an Opportunity for Transformation


With the aim of gathering different views of the future, children were invited to show us, through drawings, how they imagine our future world (proposed horizon of 20 years). We worked with four Chilean schools with different socio-economic levels. The children who participated are between 11 and 13 years old and they will be the protagonists of the next generation. The activity included reflecting on environmental news in which humanity is always related to the causes, which implies that it can also be part of the solution. With these drawings, children hope to shake the conscience of adults who today generate knowledge and make decisions.

The idea is not a competition that searches for the "best drawing", since all are equally valuable drawings, nor to make a value-based judgment, but rather to connect with the feelings of those children, as expressed in their drawings, and to see how their different social contexts, and urban and rural realities, represent an unequal and inequitable country. The participating schools were the José Bernales Castillo School, in El Topo, Pichidegua, a rural public school; the Tegualda School in Talagante, which teaches socio-economically vulnerable children; the Liceo Manuel de Salas in Ñuñoa, Santiago, a middle socio-economic level school; and the Santiago German School in Las Condes, Santiago, a private elite school.


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